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    Dungeon World GM Screen

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    This product contains eight pdfs: Four have a landscape orientation, and the other four are portrait. There are 12 panels per landscape set, and 13 per portrait. Two sets are black and white, the other two are in color. One of each features background art. I did this so that you could determine which ones you want to print based on your needs and capabilities (printers, GM screen orientation, etc). The panels feature information on: The GM (principles, moves, when to make a move, etc) Making Monsters (complete section) Common dungeon gear, services, meals, and transport The entire treasure table First Session & Fronts General Equipment, Weapon, and Armor tags All of the Basic and Special Moves Steading tags and making every kind of steading Updating the campaign map Making hirelings and hireling skills Everything has a page reference, making it easy to find it in the book in case you need to dig deeper (and the panel doesn't already feature the entire section). The Basic and Special Moves, hireling, and equipment panels are intended to be player facing on the screen, but you can just as easily give them to the players as handouts.