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    The Rogue - A Dungeon World Playbook

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    This class deviates from the thief in more than name: backstab is replaced with sneak attack, which is more flexible and doesn't contradict the rulebook about attacking things unawares, stealthy and evasion make you more difficult to notice and pin down, and tricks of the trade handles the Dexterity-based skills: instead of giving you all of them at the start you get one from your background, and you get to choose a second (an advanced move lets you grab the third if you want). The twenty-nine advanced moves provide you with numerous ways to customize your character. As with most of our classes there are move trees or paths to choose from: you can move around while hiding without being noticed, deal more damage with sneak attack (and more easily assist your party), make yourself even harder to hit and harm, specialize in your skills, make ranged sneak attacks, learn to use and make poisons, and more. There's also a bunch of new weapons, armor, and dungeon gear, several magic items (including a dagger that you can jam in someone's head to animate and control them until you take it out), and an arcane trickster compendium class if you want to learn a bit of magic to supplement your other talents. This product features: The rogue class (which includes 29 advanced moves). New weapons, armor, dungeon gear, and magic items. The arcane trickster compendium class (8 moves in total) Six extra moves we couldn't fit on the sheet A Director's Cut with questions to ask yourself when rolling up a rogue, explanations/clarifications for some of the moves, and a suggestion for an assassin background if you want to better use poisons right away.