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    Galactic Odyssey Player's Handbook

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    Let the Odyssey Begin! Galactic Odyssey is a fast paced game of daring space battles, swashbuckling adventures, and intriguing personal conflict set in the far future of the Milky Way galaxy. The Terrans have found their way into the stars, and though they proclaim to be an “advanced” species, they haven’t lost their lust for dominance or greed for wealth. Scheming to conquer each new world they discover, the Humans attempt to enslave or destroy nearly every species they meet. These “aliens” began fighting back in hopes of securing their freedom from this plague of Human tyranny. Will you be one of the few that finally turns back the tide of the Terran Galactic Initiative? The Player's Handbook gives you everything you need to create your character, be it a new alien species or a human who is sympathetic to the galaxy's plight at the hands of their kind. The Player's Handbook includes descriptions of the gear, robots, vehicles and starships that are available to your character. There is also a section on the rules for personal, vehicle and starship combat, and information on the galaxy and the worlds and species found within it.