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    Atomic Punk 2160 (Second Printing) - PDF

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    “Crawl out through the fallout, baby To my loving arms” -Sheldon Allman Atomic Punk 2160 is an OSR-compatible game that takes the classic BX rules you know and love and modifies them with some classic sci-fi inspiration to fit an atomic punk post-apocalyptic setting much like your favorite game of collecting caps. Because of the OGL, you get two versions. The more pure BX version and a version that is still very "BX" under the hood but also works on a 2d10 system. The game includes: - Interesting backgrounds and classes like the mutant and the wasteland warrior - Firearms, lasers, and plasma weapons - Mechanics for breaking armor - An interesting background skill system and leveling/advancement method -Simple vehicle combat rules. - Radiation exposure - Monsters of the Wasteland - An old-world "ruin generator" - Simple rules for solo gaming - A monster generator to allow referees to make unique monsters on the fly It is everything you need to get your bunker dweller rolled up, equipped, and exploring in the wasteland.