Dystopian Dawn Player's Guide [Digital PDF]

Dystopian Dawn : 2526
Fantasy & Sci-Fi collide in the Post Apocalypse!


Warlords and Technomancers unite! This game is like Mad Max with wizards! Fallout with Psionics! Thundarr and Logan’s Run! It’s got it all!

This is half of the core rule system for Dystopian Dawn. The Game Master’s Guide is required for complete core system rules. This book has everything you need to PLAY Dystopian Dawn, including:

  • Character Creation
  • SIX Character Types - Barbarian, Druid, Engineer, Mutant, Scoundrel, & Wizard
  • Random Background “Evolution” Tables
  • Six Territories with Three Provinces each to embrace the world
  • Lore!
  • Unique completely customizable Magic system
  • Custom Psionics system
  • Flexible Skill system with Default levels so you can do almost anything!
  • Core rules for Combat, Reactions, and more

Release date - 10/01/2023

Author(s) - Fractured Brain Studios

Category(s) - Core Rules, Fantasy Adventure, Fantasy Sci-Fi, RPG Core Book, Sci-fi

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