EDGE Core Rules

“You have been given a chance. One soul of billions pulled from the absence of time and space - a coincidental choice picked by the Gods. Unfrozen, you now stand on the precipice of the Aether’s many realities. Which will you choose? Will you end up as a hero, or a villain, that will turn the tide of this reality, or will you fall like thousands before you and have another take your place?”


- Sira, the Goddess of Life and Rebirth



You are a mortal like any other. You are not special and you are not unbeatable. But hey, the good news is - neither is anyone else.


EDGE RPG is a table top roleplaying game that can be described in one word: freedom. Your character can be whoever they want to be and explore three different settings full of mysteries and secrets. It is the ultimate sandbox game, that combines the best of many different genres and gives a fresh spin on old ideas. The lore of the game is rich and detailed and offers a little bit of everything, from high-fantasy war-torn worlds to dystopian post-apocalypses.


EDGE tries to bridge the gap between old-school roleplaying and a more modern, cinematic style of play by giving GMs a ruleset that rewards smart play with almost cinematic-like moments and punishes dumb moves without mercy.


In EDGE, your character inhabits one of its three settings, from a high magic fantasy war-torn world, through a dystopian, post-apocalypse, to a space-faring, sci-fi universe. Whichever world you choose to play in is up to you and the rules are always the same, merely expanded for that setting. That being said, this book only explains those rules and you also need to purchase one of the three setting books for a list of all items, vehicles and other setting-specific stuff that’s needed for that setting (check vendor page for the books) or you can use the book as a system-agnostic set of rules if you wish to use it in other settings.


A note to all players: All of my games are 100% OGL-free!




  • The Aether and the Gods: A short introduction on the major Gods and the nature of reality of the game's settings.
  • 4 Roles and 14 Classes: The core of a character’s abilities and potential powers, each with its own passive effects, racial synergies and its five unique Class Features, each of which have 8 tiers of abilities and 3 passive effects. The customization options in EDGE are robust enough for virtually any build!
  • The Core Rules: All the rules needed to explain how things work in EDGE. The rules are easy enough to understand and have a lot of depth once you truly dive into the system’s mechanics.
  • A Deep and Tactical Combat System: Combat in EDGE is tactical, unforgiving but also rewarding to those who know how to use the rules to their advantage. It offers a near-realistic combat experience whilst still offering many abilities for that cinematic kill. Don't make any dumb moves in this game if you want your character to live.
  • Powers: Over 300+ supernatural Powers to choose from (for you spellcasters out there). They range from elemental spells to spiritual incantations all the way to magically-infused cybernetics.
  • You're Being Watched: In EDGE, the Gods are always watching you, whether you want them to or not and the world responds to your deeds when they hear of, or witness them. Your character's virtue and corruption thus warrants potential blessings and banes from the Gods and a robust reputation system determines how the world around your character responds to your deeds (if they know about them, of course).
  • An arsenal of gadgets: The game offers almost any type of weapon one can think of: from throwing daggers and muskets to flamethrowers and missile launchers. It also features many different utility gadgets, from healing potions to jetpacks.
  • Game Master’s Guide: The book also includes a GM’s Guide that explains detailed rules for every scenario. It features tools to craft your own universes, races and factions as well as nuanced rules like mass combat and downtime activities.
  • Character sheets: The game offers a form-fillable, print-ready character sheet and 5 other sheets that might come in handy for pets, constructs, creatures, vehicles and spacecraft.


EDGE has been in the making for 6+ years since 2016 and has gone through many iterations in that time. It was made by one man and was play-tested on a weekly basis for over 2 years. That being said, there was no feasible way to test out every single aspect of game and therefore, there might be some small balance patches on the way, based on player feedback.


Disclaimer: This game was made by gamers for gamers. It is not and never will be politically motivated in any way.

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