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Escape From the Flesh Catacombs


A Dungeons & Delvers survival horror adventure, for a party of 4-6 0-level PCs.

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A gorgon setup a lair in a series of catacombs, which she transformed into a subterranean gallery of sorts using petrified victims that she would “modify” to various degrees, including breaking them apart and bonding parts to other statues.

The PCs are her latest acquisitions.

The good news is she was slain before she had the chance to add them to her collection, causing everything she’d ever petrified to turn back to flesh. This includes both creatures and numerous sections of the catacombs that she’d renovated using leftover chunks of stone from her “art supplies”.

The bad news is that, even though her various art projects either died immediately or shortly thereafter, due to her choice of lair, in most cases either their souls could not pass on, or their corpses were possessed by demonic entities from the underworld.

An undead-infested catacomb is bad enough, probably even worse than if it was inhabited by just a lone gorgon, but the PCs were unconscious before they were brought there: they have no idea where they are or how to get out, and no tools to defend themselves with.

If they want to escape, they’ll need a combination of cunning and luck to literally carve their way to freedom.


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