God-Killer Prophecy

It has been written, it has been foretold, but will it come to pass?

You may "upgrade" to print and get a hand-written cover. This is God-Killer Prophecy Augury+ Edition. The PDF will receive periodic updates as we move towards an Augury++ edition.


If is foretold that a Chosen one will arise and slay the dark lord. Make your prophecy, drawn the lands to be traversed, and discover if you can kill the dark god.

God-Killer Prophecy is a one-shot collaborative RPG played against the escalating threat of the dark god—represented by a deck of playing cards.


In the prologue you use cards to create a prophecy, and answer questions to create the the dark god, the chosen one and his companions.

Play in Chapters 1-6 is divided into two major phases: Auguries Phase and the Adventure Phase

Adventure Phase
You use two regular decks of playing cards. One a heroes deck, and one the dark gods deck. In each chapter you face at least two threats, where the heroes use their cards to overcome the dark gods deck.
The heroes lose card's as they face challenges and must get more cards into the hands of the chosen one so they can defeat the dark lord in the final confrontation.
While that is happening the dark god's deck also loses cards, but only the weakest, causing increasing tension.

Auguries Phase
The playing cards are first used to setup the prophecy. This is the first thing that shapes the story.
Then there are question prompts for each chapter that guides players to illustrate where they find themselves and who and what they must do. This then feeds into the challenges of the Adventure Phase.


I thought to myself one day -- "I want a one shot story-game with teeth." And then I thought, "if I am doing that it must be the high-fantasy epic that I loved to read." Thus, God-Killer Prophecy was born.


God-Killer Prophecy is drawing (illustrating) game where you forge a world and a legend together.

Key inspirations for the author/designer were the Belgariad series (David Eddings), the Sword of Shannara series (Terry Brooks) and The Dark is Rising Sequence (Susan Cooper).
Game design inspirations include Palanquin (Genesis of Legend Publishing), Vanagard (Pendelhaven Publishing) and The Quiet Year (Buried Without Ceremony).


Learn a little more on the forum, in particular check out this thread.

Release date - 02/24/2024

Author(s) - Compose Dream Games

Category(s) - Fantasy Adventure, RPG Core Book, Zine

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