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The Valley of Karaccia is a mountain basin in the realm of Imlar; a perfect place for beginning adventurers to learn the ropes. Contained in this module you’ll find an overview of the valley, detailed information on the town of Brink, and three adventures to kick off a new campaign: “The Crimson Caverns,” “The Relic of Fallsbarrow,” and “The Brinkwood Thicket.”

For a group of 4-6 new PCs.



Responding to a flier promising payment for kobold heads, the party has gathered in the town of Brink. From there, they set out on an expedition to the Crimson Caverns, the known location of the kobolds’ lair. After proving their mettle against the vicious scamps, the PCs are implored by the local head of the Church of Erm to recover a needed artifact from Fallsbarrow to save the life of an important cleric.

Not long after, during the annual Brightbloom festival, the town is overrun by giant spiders who take the festival princess into the Brinkwood. In their effort to save her, the PCs will uncover a plot by a tribe of elves to use her as a sacrifice. The PCs will have to aid them to convince the elves to release their prisoner.

This new, revised version of RC1 – The Valley of Karaccia not only updates RC1 to the C&C rules, but trims the fat from RC2 and adds The Brinkwood Thicket into one 40-page starting campaign

Written for Troll Lord Games’ Castles & Crusades RPG, but easily ran with your OSR flavor of choice with minimal effort.

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