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MECC2 – Nefford and Beyond


MECC2 – Nefford and Beyond continues the exploration of Karaccia, this time shifting from the northern part of the valley to the southern. After generally exhausting the adventure opportunities near the town of Brink, those looking for further fame and glory would be wise to head south to the large town of Nefford.

Within, the Castle Keeper will find all the information they need to run adventures in and around Nefford. There’s a brief history of the town, information on the two powerful families who hold the most sway, descriptions of some of the more important points of interest, side quests and adventure hooks revolving around the town and its inhabitants, and maps of the area. This is followed up by three adventures, Trouble in Southshore, They Came From Wood’s Hollow, and The Woe of Gul Nalore.

For a group of 4-6 PCs of level 3-5.

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In the first, a simple bounty on orcs turns into a game of tribal politics with the PCs trying restore an ages-long truce which has been disturbed. The second involves boat-stealing lizardmen. Finally, the PCs will be hired by a town of elves to help with a “dragon” problem, and then gets caught up with a talking wyvern, ninja turtles, and evil serpentmen in a lost temple (oh my!). 


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