Radical High: Fon Phreaker's Recipe Book (Print/Physical Edition)

NOTE: Price is $8 plus $4 shipping - The telephone revolutionized communications.  In the modern 1980s, you can now converse with almost anyone on Earth!  That is, if you can afford it.  It takes lots of money to maintain essentially the world's largest machine, so you'll pay dearly to use it... unless you're a "Fon Phreak".


The phone network is organized and systematic.  Most any teen who uses the phone casually has inadvertently uncovered a glimpse of its secrets.  Then there are those who delve deeper, and learn to master it, manipulating it to serve their will.  How deep will you go?  With numerous scenarios, improvised boxes, and tricks of the trade, RADICAL HIGH: FON PHREAKER'S RECIPE BOOK can help your students become seasoned fon phreaks.


  • True history of the Telephone
  • Phreaking techniques from newbie to advanced
  • A dozen boxes to build, including Blue box and Black box
  • 9 "Party Line"scenarios and seeds
  • 6 Phreaker scenario seeds
  • Area code map
  • 2 character cards and 15 character profiles
  • 40 Counters
  • More!


NOTICE: RADICAL HIGH: FON PHREAKER'S RECIPE BOOK is not a standalone module.  RADICAL HIGH CORE RULEBOOK is required to play.  COLLEGE-BOUND RADICAL HIGH is also recommended.

Release date - 08/25/2023

Author(s) - Paradox Games

Category(s) - 1980s, Old School

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