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Get ready for a rip-roarin’, rootin’ tootin’, boy howdy of a good old time with Tales of the West! Tales of the West is an open sandbox style role playing game with plenty of the Old West flavor to take you back to the good ole days.

Howdy pard! Just want to introduce Tales of the West, a cinematic role playing game set in the partly historical and partly fictional wild wild west. I took the 4C Expanded rules and bent them to work with this wild and wooly genre. The game is completely skill based, so no super cowboys with Fire Generation capabilities or Psionic powers to fry their nemesis’ mind with. This game is as straight-laced as it gets!

However! If you want a freaky wild west sort of game, you can easily add those rules that can be found in the 4C Expanded core rule book which can be downloaded here at Big Geek Emporium! Personally, I like having a western game without magic and zombies, but whatever floats your boat! That’s the sweetness of 4C Expanded, use what you want and lump the rest!

Back to Tales of the West! In the PDF you’ll find a complete game system with a bunch of wild west content that you can use to play in a sandbox style. If you want to start out with a place for your characters to branch out from, there’s also a fictional starter town called Bloodstone where they can interact with several interesting NPCs and get their spurs before heading out into the rest of the frontier to face the challenges therein.

So what are ya waitin on pilgrim? Go on! Give it a try. You might just like it!

If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to chat, hop over to the 4C Expanded Discord and dive in!


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