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The Bastard King

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This adventure is mainly inspired by The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers. A play that turns people insane is perfect for Wretched Époque. A parallel between Carcosa and Antillia comes naturally, and thus the King in Yellow became the  Bastard King. A 56 page scenario for Wretched Époque or any other game set in late 19th century Paris.

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In the last months it seems a strange “epidemic” of suicide has taken over Paris, the authorities are trying to ignore it, but a small disturbing detail can’t be overlooked forever: The
corpses of the afflicted were all marked by the same strange sign. Some call it the Sign of the Bastard. Its connection with a famous operetta titled The Bastard King will lead the characters down a road paved by peril and madness. Can they stop the Bastard King before becoming his next victims?

1 review for The Bastard King

  1. Patrick Haas

    The plots and the characters are believable enough to have news articles written of them. If you have players that are inspired or love shows like the Cabinet of Curiosity or Love Death Robots; Silvia’s ‘The Bastard King’ will certainly be a treat for them.
    While the source book is The Red Room’s ‘Wretched Èpoque’, any one who is familiar with the Call of Cthulhu d20 SRD book can pick this scenario up and soar with it. Although, if the GM is not even slightly brushed up on the history of France in the 1800’s, picking up Wretched Epoque should be highly considered. Of course, practicing your French accent could be a nice boon.
    The Bastard King could easily be run in a single four hour session with some motivated players. I would suggest a party of three, perhaps four. However, the game could really shine if you’re running it for a spouse or a best friend. The inherent deviousness of the Wretched-Verse works well for individuals whom don’t mind getting their hands dirty.
    GM beware, reading through the adventure is a must. The scenario is not written as a series of events per se or a proper sequence. It would be easy to accidentally reveal some of the larger plot points by accidentally reading to far into character bios when characters are meeting them. Perhaps the layout of the books could be a little more user friendly, so a GM that has already cut their teeth on horror and intrigue games should run this one. Also, I would recommend that the characters that will be subjected to the Bastard King’s contents be One-Shot ready, the heavy Lovecraftian trappings rarely leave player’s characters ready for another adventure. The one thing severely lacking this scenario are well written pre-generated characters that I fell in love with from Silvia Clemente’s other fantastic work ‘(In)Sanatorium.
    All in all, I would recommend the Bastard King.

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