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The Light in the Church


Can be added to The Thing in the Basement, from The Braunhaven Campaign Setting, for an even bigger dungeon!

Rumours around the town of Braunhaven speak of seeing lights in the windows of the All Faiths Temple late at night, long after Father Ainsworth has gone to bed for the night.  They talk of seeing fell shadows skulking about the inside of the church.  Is it a foul shade come to the church in search of something lost in its life?  The townsfolk are becoming frightened and somebody needs to investigate…

A Level 2-3 adventure for the Braunhaven Campaign Setting.  Requires Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy.

  • Keyed in a quick reference, bullet point format.
  • Includes player and referee maps of the All Faiths Temple and the Undercroft.
  • Fully stocked dungeon with 44 explorable areas.
  • Can be added to the The Thing in the Basement to create a three level dungeon with 111 explorable areas.


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