The Modern Adventurer's Guide to Guns & Gear for 5e

The Modern Adventurer's Guide to Guns & Gear is a supplement to add a modern flavor to your 5e campaigns. Mix Orcs, Elves and other assorted fantasy tropes with high powered firearms and explosives! Update your fantasy campaign to a 21st century setting with a slew of modern equipment and character options! If this all sounds great, then this book is the one for you. The Modern Adventurer's Guide to Guns & Gear has been designed to go together with your core 5e books to facilitate this kind of play, letting you mix and match the two genres to your heart's content. The Modern Adventurer's Guide to Guns & Gear offers the following content across 200+ pages:

  • Rules and descriptions for 48 different types of firearms, from pocket pistols to assault rifles, machine guns and railguns!
  • Rules and descriptions for 42 types of special ammunition, and 28 different attachments and modifications for these firearms. From hollow point bullets and beanbag rounds, to red dot sights, suppressors and night vision scopes!
  • Rules and descriptions for 46 types of explosives and detonators, from grenades and landmines, to artillery strikes and suitcase nukes!
  • Rules and descriptions for 73 types of assorted modern day equipment, from thermal goggles and range finder binoculars, to signal jammers and aerial drones!
  • Rules and descriptions for 16 types of modern themed armor, including an optional rule for handling AC!

Alongside all this, there are also additional rules for building and playing a modern themed character, including:

  • 24 new subclasses, 2 for each core class!
  • 32 new feats
  • 20 new modern themed backgrounds
  • 5 new skills
  • 6 new fighting styles
  • 27 new spells
  • Various unique, magical firearms and equipment
  • Rules for how different fantasy cultures affect firearm design
  • Various optional rules, including those that increase the lethality of your game!
  • 34 modern themed NPC's for you to battle against!
  • A short introductionary adventure, titled The Death Lab
  • A custom character sheet!

Release date - 01/06/2023

Author(s) - The Scrying Dutchman

Category(s) - Modern

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