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The Orc that would be Queen


A level 1-3 stand alone adventure for the Braunhaven Campaign Setting.

Designed for Old-School Essentials.

Bashag the war chief is quite savvy, for an orc.  He’s also deeply confused about certain aspects of the human nobility that runs the Braunhaven region.  Bashag has ordered his warband to launch a series of raids on trade caravans coming across the Barburus Trade Bridge, looting the caravans and taking survivors as slaves.  He’s also ordered his troops to seek out very specific items of clothing and jewelry.  Bashag can’t read, but he knowws from the sketches and paintings in the book he stole what it takes to be a noble…

A Level 1-3 Adventure for the Braunhaven Campaign Setting.

  • Keyed in a quick reference, bullet point format.
  • Includes player and referee maps of all areas.
  • Includes the Pistoleer class!


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