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The Tower of Cinder


Unearth the secrets of primeval titans! Become a pyromancer who trades their very soul for unimaginable power! Discover the fartherst corners of the underworld!

An exploration adventure for experienced adventurers set underground. The lost tower of titans and its surroundings: 2 boss encounters, a unique magic system, rare and valuable reagents and two secret passages to be discovered.

This adventure was created with a high-level party in mind, but playtesting showed that even a random bunch of adventurers could sneak in and plunder the Tower’s riches. It would be a good fit for groups that like to venture deep underground, want a challenging boss fights, or just want a good old scary and dangerous dungeon delve. It also has pathways to locations that are still in development (and are to be published as a separate adventures later), but any DM could easily use them to link the Tower back with their world.


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