Wretched Apocalypse - Second Edition

Wretched Apocalypse is an expansion to the Wretched RPG universe, where the stark and unforgiving realms of post-apocalyptic science fiction come to life. This addition, while a standalone game in its own right, also serves as a versatile tool-set sourcebook, seamlessly integrating with any Wretchedverse game, such as Wretched New Flesh and Wretched Space. Whether you choose to explore it as a gritty, earthbound post-apocalyptic sandbox or venture into the vastness of a space opera universe, Wretched Apocalypse offers a multitude of settings to fuel your imagination. In this second edition, you'll find additional rules tailored for a post-apocalyptic setting in the Wretched Role-Playing Game. To fully engage with these rules, players will need the core Wretched RPG book, available for free in digital format at the Red Room store, or any other OSR rule set (334 pages).

The remnants of civilization cling to survival in a world forever changed by cataclysmic events. This expansion to the Wretched RPG universe plunges players into the depths of a post-apocalyptic setting, offering a harrowing blend of survival, exploration, and conflict. In Wretched Apocalypse players embody survivors in a world shattered by war, environmental disasters, and societal collapse. Your characters may come from various backgrounds, each with unique skills and stories shaped by the harsh realities of the new world. From scavengers and raiders to mutants and robotic entities, the range of playable characters offers a variety of experiences.

This second edition is not just a game setting but a comprehensive toolkit for creating immersive post-apocalyptic adventures. Whether you're braving the wastelands, forging alliances in makeshift settlements, or uncovering the secrets of a fallen civilization, every decision you make shapes your journey in this unpredictable and perilous world.

Lifepath and origin tables to craft unique backstories.
A variety of post-apocalyptic life events, adding depth to your character's journey.
Extensive lists of mutations, providing both challenges and advantages.
A varied range of occupations and archetypes to choose from.
Detailed settlement, faction and gang generators for dynamic world-building.
More detailed rules for wear and tear, scavenging and crafting gear.
A list of adversaries.
Three settings, one of which is connected to the Wretchedverse.
Plenty of locations, NPCs and plot hooks.
An array of random tables.

Release date - 12/19/2023

Author(s) - The Red Room

Category(s) - Fantasy Sci-Fi, Hard Sci-Fi, OSR, Sci-fi, Wretched

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