Codex Infinitum: Gaia (EDGE)

Step into the mystical world of Gaia and discover its ancient mysteries buried underneath her sentient soil.


“On the war-torn planet of Gaia, magic and science are almost inter-twinned. Factions clash among themselves across a vast chasm here and even the ground one walks upon can be sentient. Tread carefully, for Gaia is merciless to those who would threaten her existence.”


- Livis Dorrel, Emperor of the Swordsworn Empire


Gaia is a high magic, high-medieval fantasy world where magic has gone rampant and has given sentience not only to various species, but also to mundane objects and even the ground itself.

The resulting magical surge was caused by an event called the Great Ascension that imbued the entire planet with magic and started numerous bloody wars in the process. Are you the one to delve into the magical mysteries of this planet and emerge victorious with many powerful artifacts in-hand, or will you die in the attempt like so many before you?


Please note, that this is one of the three setting books for the EDGE RPG and only details things that are setting-specific (like races, factions, items, etc.). To learn how to play the game, you also need the EDGE Core Rules (available from the vendor's page) or you can use the book as a standalone setting book with some additional tweaks.


A note to all players: All of my games are 100% OGL-free!



  • A unique world: Gaia is unlike any other planet. It was created by the Gods as a near-perfect cosmic vivarium that was plunged into chaos by The Great Ascension. The laws of reality are always challenged by magic here. Watch your step.
  • 8 unique races to choose from: Players can choose from 8 distinct races, none of which are elves, dwarves, orcs or even humans. Many of these races also offer sub-races to choose from and each has two unique racial abilities.
  • Landmarks, settlements and people: The book offers a description for every landmark and settlement on the world map as well as all of the important leaders of each major faction and their short backgrounds.
  • Religion and mythology: An entire pantheon of Gods to worship, each with their own unique blessings and banes that they can bestow upon the party.
  • Time and money: A breakdown of how time is measured on Gaia as well as her important events and the breakdown of the many currencies used by different factions.
  • Items: Many different items to choose from in this timeline, from classic weapons like longswords, to rare weapons like muskets and mortars.
  • Mounts: A list of mounts and vehicles available in this timeline, like horses, wagons and airships.
  • Creatures: 70 different creatures and their stat blocks for the GM to challenge the party with. Also comes with random encounter tables.
  • World Map: A hand-drawn world map of Gaia and her points of interest.
  • One-shot: A play-tested one-shot with 7 pre-made characters for players to try out the setting.


EDGE has been in the making for 6+ years since 2016 and has gone through many iterations in that time. It was made by one man and was play-tested on a weekly basis for over 2 years. That being said, there was no feasible way to test out every single aspect of game and therefore, there might be some small balance patches on the way, based on player feedback. 


Disclaimer: This game was made by gamers for gamers. It is not and never will be politically motivated in any way.

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