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The Skeevers of Turner Town


On its face, this is an adventure supplement for your Cha’alt games. It details a post-apocalyptic trailer park called Turner Town. Inside you will and all kinds of charts, NPCs, adventure hooks, and optional rules to incorporate into your post-apocalyptic games.

Your characters can get cybernetic enhancements at The Chop Shop. Or, your players can head on over to the Lord of War Firearms & Munitions for specially commissioned weapons. They can watch a fight at The Arena or participate in a Death Race. The players can haggle with Jules the Fence or participate in a raid with Rocko the Barbarian. Or, they can seek an audience with Auntie T’eena in the hopes of getting a lucrative job from one of S’kbah’s most fearsome warlords! There is a lot to do in Turner Town and money is to be made by cunning adventurers and fearless warriors.

Inside you will find rules for creating your own drugs, guns and modifications, cybernetic enhancements, death race rules, as well as arena fights and evenings with the Ladies of the Fuchsia Light District!


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